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Andy Garth: Bird’s eye


Now, I know this column is called 'Now & Then' but I want to change the topic this week. I was lucky enough to have a twenty minute helicopter flight with my partner and my 5 year old daughter from Shoreham Airport along the coast to Telscombe Cliffs and back via The Amex Stadium, and – wow! – what an experience! I would recommend it for a birthday or Christmas present (£250).

The photos I have included are the ones that I also tweeted and judging from the response, a lot of people love the views.

I tried to be clever with words as I wanted to be a pirate and say; "a bird’s eye, i360 view," it sounds okay spoken but doesn't convert as well into writing.

Anyway, I had loads of replies but also had another photo sent on to me that said "even higher" with another shot of the view but from way higher than we flew. Luckily it didn't say; "nah nah nah nah nah – even higher", as I might have had to do an Ed Sheeran and left Twitter in view of the persecution!

The second photo is a fab shot of the Saltdean Lido which looks stunning with its blue and white impression from on high. And for those of you who haven't been yet, go, go, go as it's fab and my daughter has become like a fish. The season ticket was our best purchase this year.

Next week I will be hopefully relaying the results of our auction, and back to the past.