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Andy Garth: Brighton seafront revolution, by Andy Garth


I have been writing this column for over two years now. I try to be quirky and show you some unusual items or photos from my shop or collection or the auctions, which I hope are interesting and informative. I know this has spurred some of you to bring me stuff in to appraise and sometimes buy or sell for you.

So this week it seems I am going a bit mainstream and slightly touristy (may not be a proper word but I like it!).

Embassy Court is one of the city's jewels and it’s the last seafront house of Brighton which is attached to the first seafront house of Hove – 1 Brunswick Terrace – with approximately 100 years between them in construction, and each being extremely historical in their own unique way.

Anyway, that's the history stuff over as the old photo was discovered by me when looking through a collection of more personal photo albums which were part of a house clearance.

Now on the back of the photo, it just says "Easter Bank Holiday 1929" with no names and actually no location, apart from the extremely well dressed people (spats for a seafront stroll is so cool). The building on the left of the picture is Western House, the two storey building that was demolished for the start of the potential Deco revolution needed (apparently) for Brighton seafront.

But as this is a property magazine, the best thing for me is that on closer inspection and with a magnifying glass, there is a ' For Sale' sign on the front of the building in the name of Jenner and Dell, a large local firm at the time who were lucky enough to be instructed to sell, what at the time was probably a good earner!

So it is mainstream but still a bit quirky!!!

Lesson to us all, don't throw away old photos as you never know what you will find.
28 Western Rd, Hove, BN3 1AF