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Andy Garth: Change? What change?


At this time of another election I came across two photos that actually reminded me why 30-40 per cent of the population don't bother to vote... nothing changes and nothing gets done. Without being political: look at the picture to the right, a hot local topic regarding the condition of the Madeira Arches on Brighton seafront, with temporary supports obviously showing that there was a problem.

‘So when was this problem?’, you may ask. Last year? Five years ago? Ten years? NO... 1978. So why after this picture was taken has it taken almost 40 years to decide there is a problem needing millions of pounds to solve it?

The photo at the top of my column is a demonstration in Brighton about high rents, and not enough house building, and a more socialist housing policy.

This was 47 years ago in 1970, and being apolitical both sides have had ample opportunities to deal with this issue but – and I'm not condoning it – people can't be bothered to vote because the important stuff gets talked about, but in the end it seems that's all that happens.

As I stated earlier, this is not a political rant but an observation on my city. I care about it but despair when looking through all my stuff and realise that there is so much opportunity to improve Brighton and Hove, for us and its visitors, that’s not seized upon.

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