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Andy Garth: Cinema promotion


If you thought the advertising budgets for new films was a bit crazy these days well let me tell you, in 1970 it seems it was even crazier!

A lovely chap came into the shop and gave me a few of his photos he had lying around and, as is becoming a bit of the norm, he didn't want anything for them but just said; “your shop will find a home for them rather than them getting chucked away.” Now this is being said to me on a weekly basis and I sincerely thank all those people who love the idea of what I am trying to do in the shop.

So back to the cinemas... 1970, and the Odeon on West Street was showing the Spaghetti Westerns, but for some reason there is a car half way up the building which has 007 on it. Now I'm sure I stand to be corrected, but is possibly an advert for a stock car race in 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' (I am happy to be corrected)?

The other huge piece of advertising is on the Regent Cinema Queens Road for the film 'Battle of Britain', where a large and small model of a spitfire plane were attached! What an effort and how good it looks.

So if you have anything else like this, I and countless others would love to see it.
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