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Andy Garth: History talks


A few weeks ago a lady came into the shop and asked me if I could sell a large framed poster for her, as it was too large for her house and she wanted to donate the money to the community-owned hall that is the Exeter Street Hall in Brighton.

Now I had heard about the Hall having been bought by the local residents to be used as a hub for local events and hired using the money for its upkeep.

The lady and I came to a deal... I would not take my usual share of the sale price if she could book me (and Robert Jeeves the postcard man) to present an evening at the hall on The Prestonville Area and the roads surrounding it which were relevant to the locals who use it.

So we turn up at 6.15pm where volunteers were busy getting the table and chairs out and opening the bar (yes, a jolly good one as well). My heart sank slightly when I was told they had no idea how many people would be attending as it was £3 on the door on the night, but it had been on Twitter and Facebook so hopefully SOMEONE would come!



Well blow me down, 100 chairs later and standing room only, Robert and I did what parents would know from their kids as a "Show and Tell" on local history and postcards and maps – 80 per cent of which was just about their area.

I understand we went down well and all were entertained and went away knowing things they never knew before!

I was extremely impressed with the fantastic enthusiasm and work the volunteers do with the Exeter Street Hall, so good luck to them and long may it prosper.

If anyone out there would like a talk on their area or a general view of the city, Robert and I have very reasonable rates.
28 Western Rd, Hove, BN3 1AF