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Andy Garth: Pubs and churches


At our auction last week we offered 247 lots of various types including books, photos, postcards, ephemera and all things local and quirky.

It was pretty successful, as usual, with certain things getting really good prices.

Now the pictures I have shown this week are a 'now and then' with an early 20th century image of the Whichelo Arms Pub in Whichelo Place just off Islingword Road in Brighton, which sold for £45. I took a picture of the building as it is now. It seems the pub stopped trading in the mid 1920s probably as it wasn't big enough to compete with every other pub that was on virtually every corner of the Hanover area at the time, and was turned into a house (no community pubs in those days!).

The other extremely popular entries into the sale were pictures of the insides and outsides of long demolished churches, and this included a very rare internal shot of St James Chapel in Chapel Street Brighton and The Church of the Holy Resurrection – which was in Russell Street Brighton and was demolished to make way for Churchill Square. Both of these pictures sold in excess of £60 each, so if you have any pictures of pubs or churches in the Brighton and Hove area please let me know as we have many willing buyers!


Our next sale is at the end of July and if you have anything you think might be worth a try, pop in the shop at 28 Western Road Hove or email me at

P.S. Don't forget the exhibition and sale of local photos from 1962-1992 at the Grand Hotel 9-10 June