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Andy Garth: Some result that was, by Andy Garth


Well I promised to you that I would be getting back to the old stuff and announcing some results from the latest auction, and here are some of the highlights.

The unusual card with the butchers shop at 107 Western Road Brighton sold for £32 and as it was a one off, we thought that was a fair price.

We thought we were just a very local Brighton Hove and Sussex based event, but we had a London buyer who bought the England v Wale programme shown to the right. He paid £17 and was very happy with his journey.

The Saltdean advert was sold to a buyer who had travelled up from Devon, stayed in a hotel and spent a fair few pounds buying lots of bits and bobs including the advert for just £6.

In previous issues you may have read about some old Brighton and Hove Albion Season tickets. These went for a combined total of just under £300, and I also mentioned the metal 'for sale' sign – this went for £105.

So if you have anything, no matter how small or uninteresting you may think it is, sitting around the house serving no purpose at all, and it has anything to do with Brighton, Hove or Sussex we may well have a buyer out there. Email me on or bring it to the shop at 28 Western Road Hove BN3 1AF. Thanks.