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Andy Garth: Theatre bits


When one goes to the theatre these days it seems like you pay for your tickets and end up spending a fortune on programmes and food. So it was strange when being in the shop to find that there are an enormous amount of people searching for old bygone programmes for the shows or plays from all the different venues that existed over the years.

Above are a couple of Brighton Hippodrome ones that cost one penny and are from 1906/7. Now recently at auction a Beatles programme and ticket from the Hippodrome in 1964 sold for £400, which may possibly justify the prices we pay nowadays as one day they could be worth something!

The second picture is from 1970 and by bizarre coincidence I went to this show at The Palace Pier Theatre. I probably missed most of the jokes as I was only 9 years old and got lost in the 70s world of double entendres which this show was full of. I clearly remember my mother laughing away to things I couldn't fathom – oh, where have those days gone?

So if in some cupboard or drawer or wherever you may have chucked that programme from years ago you find one, dig it out as you never know it might be worth more than the original price.

Talking on a similar vein, if anybody out there knows where I can get a flyer or poster from the Bruce Springsteen gig at the Brighton Centre in 1981, let me know as it's this weeks must have. Thanks.