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Andy Garth: To read or not to read?





Call me old but... I learnt a great deal of stuff about Brighton and Hove by reading many of the great and interesting books written about our fair town (city to some).

So this week at a local auctioneers they were selling a collection of approximately 50 books just on Brighton and Hove's rich history by various authors on various subjects providing in-depth facts, figures, events, anecdotes, and the why and wherefore of all you see in the city.

But perhaps most of all the benefit of actually reading a real life book!

As much as it's easy to attack your PC or tablet, I still feel that a book is more permanent and enjoyable.

Now I may seemed to have waffled but the reason I felt the need to do this is the small price I had to pay for this collection: a paltry £90 which at less than £2 a book is an absolute bargain. It proves that attending auctions is not all about the mega buck sales you see on the television but about normal people also being able to get involved.

Obviously the books purchased will all be on sale in the shop but as my purchases were such good value, my sale prices can also be reasonable.

So anyone interested please email me at
Or visit the shop at 28 Western Road, Hove, BN3 1AF