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Andy Garth: Would you believe it?!





As a Brightonian I am still amazed at what we have in our city and what we have made of places that when built could never have imagined being used for what they are now (phew sorry about the long sentence but taking two attempts at English 'O' level and preferring to talk on the phone tells you my journalistic abilities are restricted).

Anyway I digress

As you may know I like my music... not so much old as vintage (means the same but don't tell the trendy shops that).

The first picture is Duponts Riding School in the 1880s where one could learn to canter and trot with the best, and the next photo is (I think) taken from the same vantage point in the same building of The Blockheads (unfortunately minus the late great Ian Dury but nevertheless fantastic) performing at The Old Market in Hove, superbly renovated by The Stomp group.

The third picture is the entrance to the Madeira Lift which is accessed through the Concorde 2 bar and venue where playing just before Xmas I saw Slade (two of the originals now aged 70!) but again a fantastic performance, everything you wanted to hear and a justifiable reason to play THE Xmas song!

The moral of this article: who would have thought it in the gentle world of the Victorians that these buildings would be used for such raucous occasions? Will find some more next week!

P.S. Get well soon Dave Hill!