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Business News: Agents at the heart of your city and the sale of your home

The personal touch

Brand Vaughan

We live in a time where an insurmountable amount of information is just a tap or click away. But despite the allure of quick quotes and speed searching, it’s crucial to remember just how important a personal service is within the Estate Agent industry. Jason Brand, president of the BHEAA, explains.

“Applicants and potential sellers have an astonishing array of resources available to them.

Google has transformed the way people search for property. They’re useful tools, but that’s all they are; just tools. The Brighton and Hove Estate Agents Association (BHEAA) believes that there is so much more to looking for or selling a house than just posting details on the internet, as handy as it is.

“First of all, applicants and sellers need to be sure that the agents they are dealing with are regulated and give the highest levels of service. Because of this, BHEAA agents are bound by the strictest codes of conduct and, as with my own company, are frequently trained to ensure that BHEAA and industry best practice guidelines are being followed.

“Secondly, our BHEAA members live and breathe Brighton and Hove, and as such they are armed with an inexhaustible amount of insider knowledge of our city and the characters of the different areas within it. This sort of thing is perfect for our increasing number of London-based buyers who may not know the distinct differences between, say, living in Hanover and living in Hove. Not to mention, knowing about a planned bypass, future nearby construction or anything like that, well in advance of offering to buy, is in the best interests of both parties.

“Security is another vital role we play. We get to know all of our applicants and accompany them around the properties. This gives peace of mind for both vendor and applicant.

“Meeting people is one of the many pleasures of this job. As I said, we get to know clients and also discuss their needs in depth. That, coupled with the advantage of being local agents, means that we know exactly what is available for sale at any given point in time and which of those properties is suited to the buyers. This saves everybody’s time, as we match the buyers only to properties that are of real interest and that they can actually afford.

“For example, we recently had applicants who insisted that they didn’t want ‘a project’ but fell madly in love with, and purchased, a property that needed more than just cosmetic work.

However, our in-depth conversations and understanding of their needs enabled us to show them how the property had the potential to become their dream home. On top of that, we even helped to negotiate access to allow work to be carried out between exchange of contracts and completion.

“Many members of the Association also offer other related support. We at Brand Vaughan offer a comprehensive personal service from a unique marketing strategy, using qualified copy writers and photographers, which is then followed up by our experienced negotiators. Biddy, our administrator, puts together all the brochures and keeps control of the diary, ensuring any special requests from the vendors are known to the sales team, like: “Don’t let the cat out!”. And post-offer, we have a full time professional sales progressor who assists in the smooth sailing of the purchase. We even have a financial advisor on hand to help iron out any problems that occasionally occur on that front.

“The internet is a useful and welcome addition to the Estate Agency Industry, but the BHEAA, which h­as regulated the business for over a hundred years, would urge caution, and encourage anyone wanting to buy or sell to use an accredited agent. We believe it saves time, and potential trouble, in the long term.”

Brand Vaughan,
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