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Parker Bathrooms

What’s hot! Kitchen and bathroom trends for 2015...

At Parker Bathrooms & Kitchens – the future is here! NOT your bog-standard bathroom... if you will excuse the pun!

Parker Bathrooms and Kitchens, the family-run showroom at Seven Dials, takes pride in being
a cutting-edge supplier of the latest home products. A major trend that is driving design in both kitchens and bathrooms are interactive tech appliances. Parkers are constantly updating their showroom to reflect the latestin home innovations and here are a few of the pioneering trends and products that they source from quality manufacturers in the UK, Italy and Germany.

A move towards more time and labour-saving devices in the kitchen makes the experience simplified and more rewarding. As an example, the future kitchen will be able to recognise a family member upon entry, start the coffee, and project the morning newspaper or breakfast recipe on to the wall!

Parker’s are leading the marketplace in innovative technical advances in better high-gloss or satin-finish cabinets that are cost competitive, functional and very stylish.

Chromotherapy, the use of ambient mood lighting, is part and parcel of a Parker design – whether that involves LED recess or up-lighting, or built-in coloured lighting that can be set
by remote or time controls.

Parker Bathrooms
A popular choice are built-in ovens that are self-cleaning and able to cook different foods at the same time without cross contamination of food or smell. The same oven programmes itself to cook your food just to your liking – with dozens of pre-sets that mean your pizza
or roast will be cooked to absolute perfection. And all of this can be organised from an intelligent interactive control panel.

Shown here, in one of our latest kitchen designs, is the new kitchen must-have hot tap that immediately dispenses filtered, boiling water. Tap on the worktop, tank underneath, with vacuum insulation ensures that the tap’s standby usage is just three pence a day.

For even more efficiency, choose a COMBI tank, a single, amazingly economical way to produce both hot and boiling water.

Hot water, exactly when you want it – for boiling pasta, eggs, potatoes, blanching asparagus, steaming vegetables, skinning tomatoes, sterilising baby dummies and, of course, perfect for a quick coffee or tea.

There is also a trend for more built-in electronic wine coolers, coffee makers and induction hobs as standard, as shown.

To add individuality to your room, Parkers have introduced digitally printed splashbacks and radiators, from a selection of designs – or even your own design or photograph.

With less time in the kitchen, more time is being freed up to relax in the bathroom, with Parkers’ clients wanting to make more of the room as an ultimate at-home retreat. Features that Parkers regularly include are mirrored cabinets that come with built-in demisters to prevent steaming up. Other cabinets have sensor-activated LED lighting and are Bluetooth-enabled so you can hook up your iPod and listen to your favourite tunes as you get ready.

Today’s tech designs include motion-activated taps and lighting, wireless showers, self-cleaning WCs, and baths that play music from your tablet or smartphone. Waterproof televisions can even be installed so you never need to miss your favourite programme again. For a spa-like sanctuary, check out the latest shower cabins, wetrooms, saunas and steam showers that come with aromatherapy, hydro-massage jets, audio systems and touch-screen control. Many of
these can be activated from the comfort of your bed by use of your smartphone or tablet. And don’t worry if you’ve just finished installing your bathroom – many of these can be retro-fitted to your existing bathroom, so come into the Dyke Road showroom and the team will be happy to advise you.

With new technology comes greater responsibility and Parkers love the rise in water-saving solutions such as digitally controlled shower flow rates and timer settings to prevent teenagers taking too long! They regularly supply digital shower options for consumers who want precise control on temperature, conservation settings and ease of use. The appliances included in this Hove bathroom are an eco flush 4.5 and 3 litre toilet and eco tap.

Also seen here is a revolutionary type of flooring – imitation tiles that provide water resistance yet look exactly like wood flooring, and a chic, minimalist wetroom shower that needs no screen enclosures.

Parker Bathrooms
A Parker design means using quality, sustainable products of European origin
that last the test of time.

Sourcing from manufacturers that have a proven low environmental impact Parker’s
are able to bring you quality products that are advanced solutions in water and energy saving. They have a wide range of sanitary ware, brassware and other bathroom accessories that have awards for both design and clean production without compromising on functionality.

At Parker Bathrooms & Kitchens we are experts on the new planning codes for sustainable homes and can guide you on the products to comply within regulations.

For example the W+W toilet/basin has received nine different awards for design and innovation. Its refill system filters the basin’s water for reuse in the flush cistern and its L-shaped design form makes it a great idea for smaller bathrooms.

Visit the showroom to see a toilet with an integrated bowl and cistern that save both space and water.

A wide selection of high performance shower heads that use air flow to increase pressure without increased water flow mean a long hot, hard shower need not cost a fortune.

At Parker Bathrooms & Kitchens we can prove to you that environmentally conscious design simply is the right choice to make – ingenious and beautiful.

Visit the showroom at 64-70 Dyke Road, Brighton, BN1 3JD; call 01273 329829 or visit the website,