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Business News: Could you be allergic to your own home?

If you thought that your itchy eyes, constant wheezing and runny nose were all symptoms of a bad cold, you may need to think again. The Daily Mail recently reported; we could be allergic to our very own home.

Mould, condensation and dust mites are known ‘triggers’ that can aggravate the symptoms of asthma and allergy sufferers. They tend to be more prevalent in the colder months when moisture levels are higher.

Prolonged exposure to mould spores can trigger asthma, respiratory and skin problems. So, if your home has mould and you have symptoms that linger, don’t delay – contact MOULD SOLUTIONS and find out how you can make your home mould free and healthier.

If your home suffers from poor ventilation, why not take advantage of Positive Input Ventilation (PIV), a concept designed to filter fresh air throughout your home at a continuous rate, significantly reducing the ‘triggers’ of asthma and allergies? What’s more, you’ll be reducing the dust mite population!

MOULD SOLUTIONS specialise in mould removal, prevention and ventilation solutions. They can identify the cause, treat the mould and give you advice on how to keep you homes healthy and mould free.

If your home is suffering with mould, do not delay – call them today on 01273 589689 or visit