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Business News: Safeguard your property purchase costs with Searches UK

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Searches UK understand the stresses associated with buying a property or moving home, and recognise the expensive capital outlay for home buyers. That’s why we provide all solicitors and conveyancing processing search orders, plus access to our unique Buyer Protect and Search Protect Reimbursement Schemes.

There are various costs related to purchasing a property, and depending on which level of protection you select Searches UK will return the money you spend during the process, should the transaction fall through. 

With Buyer Protect from Searches UK, you could be reimbursed the following:
– Up to £500 in non-refundable, mortgage lender arrangement fees, product and booking fees
– Up to £750 in valuation fees (homebuyer, structural surveys, etc.)
– Up to £800 in solicitor’s disbursements costs

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That’s up to £2,050 that could be returned! The scheme covers a multitude of reasons, including: if the property is withdrawn from sale by the vendor due to reasons beyond your client’s control; or the vendor receives and accepts an offer from another buyer, which is a minimum of £1,000 greater than the offer they previously accepted from your client; or the vendor is not legally entitled to sell the property or to transfer interest in the property. 

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One home buyer proclaimed; “We had two house purchase disasters within the space of seven months. The first property was found to have a major structural issue and the second property fell through when the vendor decided not to move. On both occasions we had paid out for surveys, searches, mortgage administration costs and legal fees. Searches UK quickly and efficiently provided us with refunds of our costs on both these purchases through Buyer Protect. We would have lost several thousand pounds without their reimbursement scheme. I can’t recommend them enough. Absolutely brilliant.”

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When you instruct your solicitor or conveyancer please ask them about a Buyer Protect Search Pack from Searches UK