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Ceiling Lanterns: A modern roofing product that brightens up your home with natural daylight


DMB Solutions would like to tell you about an interesting and modern roofing product: the Ceiling Lantern. DMB handle the entire project: including survey, drawings, planning, design and build. Imaginative design and professional expertise can transform your home into an airy new living space, full of life and light.

It is fitted with rain sensor technology and climate control features, which provide excellent thermal performance. This ensures comfortable all year-round use and lower heating and air conditioning bills! This product opens and closes electronically via a remote to ensure it can be controlled with ease. It is fitted with triple glazing, which ensures the property remains comfortable and warm whilst we are still experiencing these chilly evenings.

Ultimately, as the lantern is fitted with a choice of hidden rafter or rod ties, it ensures you have the luxury and flexibility to create the exact roofing design you want! Pilkington Activ Blue glass can also be fitted. This holds self-cleaning properties that are located on the external pane of glass. This makes it ideal to be fitted in hard-to-reach places that are difficult to clean. The slimline technology also ensures the lantern is structurally sound. What a great product!

As shown in the photo, the ceiling lantern enables natural daylight to illuminate your property – whilst providing uninterrupted aerial views from your home. The lantern itself not only looks good but it also has many interesting dynamic components.

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