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City News: Brighton i360 beach landings, the start of building the world’s tallest vertical cable car

Barges have started to arrive at Brighton Beach from Holland from first light on June 11, delivering the steel cans which will form the tallest new UK visitor attraction outside London, conceived and designed by Marks Barfield Architects, creators of the internationally acclaimed London Eye.

The Brighton i360, which will be the tallest vertical cable car in the world, at 162 metres high, is being constructed by an international team, bringing together specialist design and engineering from the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia and the UK.
David Marks, Chairman of Brighton i360 Ltd, said “Today marks a major milestone in the construction project, with the completion of the foundations and the start of an exciting new phase, when the i360 starts to come out of the ground and reaches for the sky.”
Julia Barfield, Co-Managing Director of Marks Barfield Architects added “Ten years ago, we set out on a journey to bring the i360 to Brighton. After all the preparation and planning, it is fantastic to see it all coming together.”

Eleanor Harris, CEO of Brighton i360 Ltd is delighted with the progress,“We have been preparing the ground for this arrival since July and now the project will be going up, up, up! The tower build starts on Monday.”
A 100-metre high crane has started to unload the 17 specially fitted out steel cans, each measuring between six and 12 metres, directly onto the beach and, using a giant jacking tower, will be joined together to build the shaft which will carry a futuristic viewing pod allowing 200 visitors at a time to enjoy a new perspective on the fun-loving seaside city of Brighton.
Seven thousand tonnes of gravel, shingle and chalk have been moved to create a platform for the delivery, whilst a 4,000 tonne concrete foundation has been built under the ground to balance out the towering feat of engineering.

The tower will be completed this summer and then open in summer 2016, when the pod has been built and added to the tower and the visitor centre at its base is completed, to incorporate a 400 seat restaurant; a shop; children’s play zone; exhibition space; tea rooms; and conference and event facilities. Brighton residents and visitors will be able to marry, party and have fun in the beach building, and then glide 450 feet up for spectacular views of the city and beyond.