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Khalil: Another ‘blind’ spot that may see landlords falling foul of the law


Landlords often struggle to keep up with changes to the law. And it’s no surprise. There are over 140 different pieces of legislation that relate the health and safety of rental properties.

Blinds and curtains
One area that is often overlooked by landlords are the safety laws relating to fittings such as blinds and curtains. The main aim of these regulations is to ensure that there is no risk to children living in rented accommodation.

In recent years there have been several tragic cases where children have died by becoming entangled in the cords from curtains or blinds. In 2014 new legislation was introduced that placed a responsibility on landlords to make sure their curtains and blinds are safe and fit for purpose.

If your blinds or curtains represent a potential hazard, the onus is on you as a landlord to retrofit safety measures.

• Safety devices can be used to ensure that cords are not easily accessible to children.
• Cord lengths should end at least 1.5m above the floor.
• If you are fitting new blinds or curtains, then you need to choose products that meet current UK and EU standards.
The British Blind and Shutter Association has created a useful website ( that is packed with practical tips for landlords. These include:
• A guide to making blinds with a looped chain safe by using a tensioning device to hold the chain taut.
• A video explaining how you can use a simple cleat around cords to keep the rope wrapped out of reach of children.

Is there such a thing as rental income without the worry?
On top of the legal compliance issues landlords also face a number of extra hassles and worries. And each of the following can end up devouring a large proportion of their time, and a hefty percentage of their income.

• Day to day maintenance of the property
• Finding tenants
• Checking tenants
• Dealing with tenants
• Handling rent arrears
• Covering void periods

And the list goes on. And on. And on.

But there is a way that landlords can forget about all this. There is a way you can take the income without all the worries and hassles.

It’s called Khalil’s Rent Guarantee Scheme.

This scheme pays you a guaranteed rent month in and month out, regardless of whether your property has tenants or not.

You lease your property to us for a few years and we pay you guaranteed rent. It’s as simple as that.

We deal with pretty much everything for you and, at the end of the lease, we return your investment back to you in the same condition as we received it.

If you find yourself running to keep up with the changing demands of letting your property, then we offer you the chance to step off the treadmill. Sit back and let us take the strain.

We can guarantee you monthly rent. And, what’s more, we can offer you a much easier life.

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