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Khalil: Renting - what’s in it for me?

Khalil Tenant Reward Scheme


Renting a house or flat is often seen as the poor cousin of living in your own property. But we don’t believe it’s a step down the housing ladder.

It’s also often assumed that tenants get a rough deal. But under Khalil’s Tenant Reward Scheme this definitely is far from the case.

Let’s look at the joys and rewards of renting.

Khalil’s Tenant Reward Scheme
Our tenants certainly are getting a very sweet deal. We clean their rental property every fortnight, make it easier for them to manage their bills, reduce their deposit and letting fees, and we give them 10% from their monthly rent back at the end of the tenancy if it is paid on time.

Renting through Khalil’s could actually mean that there is quite a lot in renting for you!

Let’s first of all look on the bright side of renting, and then let’s see how our Tenant Reward Scheme makes things sunnier still.

On the bright side of renting
• Renting gives you flexibility.
It lets you move to where that dream job is available or that study option arises.

• Renting gives you opportunities.
You may never be able to afford that city centre house, but you probably could rent it and be living right in the heart of the action.

• Renting is adaptable.
Want to move in with your boyfriend? Unexpected addition to the family? Need more space? Making changes is simple – after all you are not chained down by a mortgage.

• Renting gives you freedom.
Boiler gone wrong? Washing machine frothing? It’s not your responsibility to deal with it, but it will still get fixed for you.

On the even brighter side of renting
For many renting is not a second-best option: it’s the best option. And it has just got even better.

We’ve just launched Khalil’s Tenant Reward Scheme and it makes renting easier and reduces its costs. It is open to anyone who shares a rental property with two or more people, but who do not form a single household. 

Our scheme, quite simply, rewards good tenants: here’s how it works. We let the property to you on a bills inclusive basis (including broadband) and provide you with a cleaning and gardening service. This saves you time and hassle.

We lower the security deposit required to just one month, and we guarantee that this will be returned as long as there is no damage to the property. We will give 10% discount on check out fees and free end of tenancy referencing, and we offer a 10% reduction on any other administrative fees.

This reduces the associated costs of letting.

If you and your fellow tenants have paid your rent on time you will qualify for a 10% cash back on the monthly rent.

Sounds good?
Khalil’s Tenant Reward Scheme costs from £20 a week to join, and we ask you to take out tenant liability insurance.

You will be rewarded with no bills to pay, regular cleaning and gardening services, lower rent and less fees. And all of a sudden renting looks a lot brighter, doesn’t it?

Give us a call to find out how we are making renting easier and more rewarding.

For more information about Khalil’s Tenant Reward Scheme call Ahmed Khalil on 01273 573690, visit Khalil Properties at 124 Lewes Road, Brighton, BN2 3LG or find us online at