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Landlady: A change is as good as a rest



As I get older, I try to retain a positive attitude towards new things as I find that too many older people dismiss new innovations out of hand. Take, for example, the new five pound note. Working with the public, as I do from time to time on The Pier, I've lost count of the miserable old people who moan on and on about the new fiver. One man called it an 'abomination' and another lady, cited it as 'dreadful'.

I think these people need to get their priorities right. Terrorism is an abomination, suffering in warn-torn countries is dreadful, for example. I think in the grand scheme of things, I can just about cope with the introduction of a new bank note.

Last Friday The Big Son and his flatmate, who has enough psychotic traits to almost qualify as a family member, came round for dinner. This happens a lot since The Big Daughter moved back in and instead of cooking for two, I often end up cooking for six giant children.

Anyway, The Big Son and, let's call him The Little Son, live in a prestigious Square on Hove seafront. I am sure its prestige has plummeted somewhat since Big and Little Son moved in, but, whatever.... Anyway, The Little Son was complaining about the fact the Old Guard in the Square were very resistant to the introduction of new communal rubbish bins in the area. Apparently they'd been cited as 'ugly abominations', but not, as The Little Son pointed out, quite as ugly as a pavement full of split bin-liners, ripped apart by feasting seagulls.

I totally agree that communal bins are the way forward and also fail to see how a communal bin can be more unsightly than one of those gas-guzzling, polluting 4 by 4's favoured by the very same hoi polloi who are complaining about the ugliness of the communal bins. Bah, I'm glad I've got that off my chest.