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Landlady: No room at the inn… anywhere!



I’m sure there’s currently an international shortage of places to stay. For a start, Landlady Towers is stuffed to the gunnels, meaning that space is very much at a premium. At the end of February, The Big Daughter and Future Son-In-Law are moving back in while they allegedly look for a place to buy. I assumed they would move into The Big Son’s old bedroom, which currently houses a French girl who was due to move out at the end of February. Or so I thought… When I asked the French girl exactly which date in February she was planning to move out, she became extremely alarmed and told me that she wasn’t moving out until the end of April.

This means that – deep joy – The Big Daughter will have to take The Small Daughter’s room and The Small Daughter will have to share with me, at least until someone moves out, or The Big Daughter finds a flat to buy. The latter option is highly unlikely to happen any time soon as every time I ask The Big Daughter how the flat hunting is going, she evasively mutters something about making an appointment with a financial advisor. I have made a tentative start on their behalf, but know exactly how much of my precious time has been wasted in past property searches on behalf of others. Besides, now that I am virtually a pensioner, running up and down the decrepit and often precipitous stairs of shared residences in pursuit of the perfect pad is not the breeze it once was and I find I have to lie down with a cream horn for the rest of the day after a spate of viewings.

It appears that it’s not only in the UK that space is at a premium. My friend B and I are having a hard time finding a hotel room for our last night in Dubai and everything costing less than £3,000 per night seems to be fully booked, sending us into a mild state of panic. We are having an emergency summit at her house this evening in an attempt to find somewhere to stay that is neither flea pit or palace. Not the most relaxing start to a holiday.