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Hot off the press! Andrew Bullock and co-host Simone Thorogood are fast becoming property news aficionados

Andrew: Every week, whilst prepping the next episode of Latest Homes Live, Simone, Andy Garth and I sift through the tabloids and extract some interesting topics from the press to chit chat about in the studio, with our guests. This section of the show is easy to produce – simply because there's a never-ending string of stories out there discussing the world of property. We are never short of topics!

This is another reason why the Latest Homes brand, which is now very much a multi-media platform (online, on TV, in print and via social media), continues to flourish. The world of real estate is a constant one. As long as humans inhabit the earth, we will need a place to hang our hats. Unless, of course, the planet is over-taken by outdoor dwelling prehistoric beasts who destroy all of our houses and force us to live in caves again. Even then, there will be a need, surely, for Latest Caves Live!

I digress – rather strangely. I'm basically saying that the world of property is a universal one, and it is written about constantly. It changes, varies and grows daily. There is always something to talk about. It has its own sub-genre of news.

We've covered some interesting items on the show, in terms of what's in the headlines right now. Are houses harder to sell if they come with a dark story? Are sky-scraper penthouses built in the shape of a sausage ugly or inspired? What did the neighbours tell the press when Hugh Grant moved out of their neighbourhood? Would you live in an eco home built in the middle of the ocean?

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Who does the most housework – husbands or wives?

This is the fun side of the news. There is, of course, a more serious angle. We've looked at stories such as the one about a mother and son who fell out over the deeds to their deceased relative's home, left to both of them in a will without specifying percentages. It destroyed their relationship. It's sad. A couple of weeks ago was the story of the council tenant who illegally sublet his council home, only for him to face prosecution due to the hindrance he caused others in need for state housing. This week we looked at the couple whose house sale fell at the last hurdle due to money launderers finding a loophole in European property law, consequently shattering their dreams of a quiet retirement.

Then there's the very quaint, very British stories we read about. Like the piece in the Independant about rural living in the UK. Or the article in this week's Express about how having an orchard on your land can crank up the price of your home, make you a profit and engage you in the local community around harvest time. There are countless pieces written about the plethora of historic homes in this country, and how its possible these days to move into an actual castle, if you so desire. The cottages and regency houses in Brighton alone come with tales of past inhabitants, from politicians to poets.

Simone: The news is part of the show that not only informs us, but informs our viewers as well. We do it to keep you guys at home up to date with this ever-altering area of life. Sometimes, something in the property world in Brighton alone will shift whilst we are taping a new episode of Latest Homes Live. It's really fascinating actually. I enjoy the stories of the people who take on exciting design projects and realise a vision that they have always dreamt of. It's very inspirational to see how these people make property history in a particular area of the country.

On this week's show, we dissected a story about the pressure to buy before you hit 30. The statistics showed an almost frightening percentage of people who categorise home-owning as just as important as a fruitful career or getting married and having children. This, I suppose, can be seen as both ambitious and admirable, but also a little unfair. It's unfair on YOU to put yourself under that much pressure, if it’s not a realistic goal to have in the foreseeable future. Why do it to yourself if you're not quite there yet?

Investing in property should be an exciting moment in your life, that you can enjoy comfortably. Choosing a home that you can wholeheartedly make your own is something I look forward to – especially after all I have learned making Latest Homes Live. But I look forward to doing it when I'm ready. There's no self-pressure imparted by me. Yet this is a topic we read about in the news on the show week in week out.

Why not join the debate yourself by tweeting us at @latesthomes? And tune in next week for more current affairs from Brighton's property market and beyond.