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Latest Homes Live: First viewing

Latest Homes Live

Latest Homes Live

Have you ever been in one of those situations where you're on holiday, and something exciting happens back home, and you can't get involved in it until you fly home? Well it was a bit like that over the weekend, for me. Neither Simone nor I live in the transmission area for Latest TV.

So the channel launched on Thursday and Latest Homes Live went to air for the very first time on Friday, and we couldn't ruddy watch it! All weekend I had messages from people either in Brighton or outside of the area. The ones in Brighton were commenting on the show, giving me their opinions on it (all complimentary, I might add). And the people back home (in Berkshire) were asking me how the first show looked on the air. "I don't know, I haven't seen it yet!" was my exasperated reply. Soon enough, the shows will be available on catch-up online, but that service isn't quite ready yet. So it was rather frustrating, to say the least.

Simone and I decided to watch it together on Monday when we were both back down in Brighton. We settled down in the pub close to our studio to watch the 3PM showing. All of a sudden, we were nervous and almost dreading seeing ourselves. It's that whole ‘you're your own worst critic’ syndrome. But we watched it with a pleasant relief. We thought the show looked pretty great!

As with any ‘pilot’ episodes, there are always tweaks to be made, and that's what we'll be doing in the coming weeks. A massive thanks goes out to our first set of guests.

We were nervous ... it’s that whole ‘you’re your own worst critic’ syndrome

Andy Hovey from Leaders was a great sport - literally. He was with us to chat about the local Estate Agent Association golf match - which he won! He even brought the trophy in to prove it (not that we didn't believe him!). Steve Neocleous was one of the staff at Mishon Mackay that abseiled off the side of the Grand Hotel on the Brighton seafront for Action for Children. I went to film it, but was on too tight a schedule that day to indulge in any abseiling myself (you believe me, right?).

We welcomed Patrick Cloherty from Avard Estate Agents to take up the role of our resident advisor on our first ‘House Call’ feature. Taking questions from the public, we addressed issues that crop up and concern viewers within the world of home-owning, renting and buying. We covered topics such as surveying, maintenance costs and how high the chances are for a freelancer to be able to buy.

If you're a viewer with a burning question, get in touch!

Last but absolutely not least was Andy Garth, who has been working closely with us in and out of the studio to provide Latest Homes Live viewers fascinating content and discussion about the area we live in. If you want to know anything about Brighton and Hove, Andy's your man! He'll be on the show regularly, so get used to him.

Make sure you tune in this week for more properties on the market, a chat with local green-fingered-guru Geoff Stonebanks, and an exclusive nose around Sussex Square in Kemp Town.