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Latest Homes Live: It’s On!

It’s all systems go for Latest Homes Live, with co-presenters Andrew Bullock
and Simone Thorogood

Latest Homes LiveLatest Homes Live

Andrew: The transformation is complete – Latest Homes magazine has become Latest Homes Live. We have shot our very first episode, the channel is now on air, and you can watch the show at multiple slots throughout the week.

There is always a learning curve when you do something for the first time. I won’t try and suggest that it’s purely specific to shooting the first episode of a new TV series; if I were to bake a victoria sponge cake for the first time in my life (I am still a cake baking virgin) then I guarantee you the first attempt would taste more like a jam sandwich than an actual cake.

I’m not saying that episode 1 of Latest Homes Live is resemblant of a jam sandwich, far from it, but we did make tweaks WHILE we shot the episode, so that the show turned out even better than we originally planned. Presenting in a studio environment is also deceptively exhausting. I don’t know how Holly and Phillip do it every morning! As producers AND presenters, Simone and I had to liaise with the rest of the production team with regards to editorial and content decisions, all the while sitting under the heat of the studio lights, with the chaps in the gallery talking to us in our earpieces, simultaneously making sure we had our best presenter hats on.

No one likes a tired looking presenter, do they? Would you be still be watching Davina if she was looking haggard? No, no, no.

Studio work almost makes on-location shoots look like a walk in the park. Yesterday Simone and I shot a feature for the show with Jess Easton, co-founder of EatonNott interior design. How nice to have a leisurely shoot around the boutique, chatting to Jess and exploring the amazing artefacts that are on offer in-store and by commission. EatonNott caters for those with a flair for intricate, unusual and perhaps a little macabre design tastes. My own home looks like Pottery Barn has thrown up on it, with its damask chairs, large vases and vintage lamps. But I was in awe of the pieces at EatonNott and could happily have taken home something that would fit nicely in my place. It really was a great experience to have a root around Jess’s studio.

Intrigued? That feature will appear on next week’s episode of Latest Homes Live, but for now we would be thrilled if you’d tune in to the current episode, currently airing daily on the channel, to get a feel for the kind of content we are producing.

If you’re reading this magazine then surely you’re eager to see how we have adapted it to the small screen … so what are you waiting for?!

Simone: What a week we’ve had. After rehearsing our show last week we shot straight off to a couple of incredible properties – one in Hove, one in Rottingdean – with our crew, to film the first
of our weekly feature ‘Exceptional Homes’.

In this segment, you’ll see myself and Andrew get our hands on the keys to houses in the
area (and eventually beyond) that are priced at not a penny less than the £1 million marker. In most cases these homes will be for sale, but if you’re not a millionaire there’s no reason to tune out or change the channel. Consider Andrew and I as your secret agents – reporting on how the other half live.

Let’s face it, we all have a fascination with other people’s homes. I think everyone, everywhere, must have a secret desire to see how their neighbours and colleagues keep their dwellings. And the nation as a whole enjoys seeing how the rich and famous live. I personally love a good read of Hello! magazine when celebrities invite the photographer into their house to take snaps of them in their natural habitat. It’s the Through The Keyhole effect. And that’s what we’re doing with ‘Exceptional Homes’ on Latest Homes Live.

In episode 1 you’ll see us rooting around a property with a glorious indoor swimming pool, something that I personally covet. We then head over to Rottingdean to take a look at a specially designed modern house, set back along a private drive, with an almost Salvador Dalí effect to it.

It’s all levels and steps and insides-out and upstairs-down. You really must tune in, it’s extraordinary.

Also on this week’s ‘Exceptional Homes’, Andrew visits Architectural Plants in Horsham. This place is truly fabulous. It’s like a garden centre for unusual, exotic and oversized foliage. This place isn’t about bedding plants and hanging baskets – the items at Architectural Plants are feature pieces in themselves. They are, as the name suggests, forms of architecture. You can purchase fully grown rows of trees that the team will plant around your home, giving you an instant natural border. It’s a beautiful place and, once again, you really have to see it to believe it.

This feature is just a slice of our two hour show, which also dissects the property headlines of the week, answers your household questions and actually advertises homes on the market in the area right now!