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Latest Homes Live: Nosey neighbours

Latest Homes Live

Andrew Bullock and Simone Thorogood on the enduring fascination of other people’s homes

Isn’t it funny how shows that Lloyd Grossman used to present have sort of done a 360° about-turn and returned to our screens in rejuvenated, re-imagined formats? Perhaps it’s not that funny actually, but there's definitely a trend going on which sees shows like MasterChef and Through The Keyhole back on our modern-day screens, while Lloyd hangs out in a basement kitchen somewhere churning up a new batch of pasta sauce.

What’s different about the old and the new versions of Through The Keyhole is that Lloyd Grossman would never be caught lounging on a celebrity homeowner’s bed or trying on their lycra cycling vests. The current presenter, Keith Lemon, does indeed do that, and has sprinkled comedy into the popular show. So far, the craziest thing I’ve done on air is fiddle with someone’s spatula, but nonetheless Simone and I are striving to bridge the gap between the Grossman method and the Lemon technique.

There’s definitely an inane fascination when it comes to going through someone’s keyhole! Like the ITV show, the houses Simone and I get access to are always incredibly pleasant. But so far, the ones we have featured on the show have been totally diverse. We may only be on show three now, but if anything, it really accentuates the variety of property in this region. We have come across family homes on ‘normal looking’ streets that are awe-inspiring when you cross the threshold and have history and a story to tell. Take last week’s Tudor Barn – an Edwardian home built in the style of Henry VIII’s era. There’s an interesting mix right there! Or the contemporary Rottingdean home from the first show - modern, secluded and luxurious.

What is it that makes us so keen to take a peek behind other people’s closed doors? Honestly, I think it's the nosey neighbour that we all have inside us. We all may tut at the crazy old bat next door whose curtains twitch more than a dying moth, but we are all completely fascinated by certain aspects of other people's lives, and that's a fact. If you've ever watched any form of celebrity reality show then this proves my point. Watching anything from I’m A Celebrity… to Strictly Come Dancing is just our way of spying on well known people taking on a challenge. So, if Through The Keyhole lets us rummage through a newsreader’s knicker drawer, then we will happily watch.

Latest Homes Live
Latest Homes Live should interest you even more because we go into the exceptional homes of your fellow Brighton, Hove and Sussex residents. So it’s extra intriguing, in a way. We don’t rummage through anyone’s knicker drawers (maybe we will one day!) but we give you a glimpse behind the doors of some properties that are a pleasure to experience for both us the presenters and you the viewers. No curtain twitching necessary.