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Lets News: The state of the letting nation

The Brighton & Hove lettings market remains vibrant and demand for properties continues to grow, however, the modern tenant has become more demanding and quite rightly so. The old-fashioned landlord who just took the income from their properties without spending to keep them up-to-date are beginning to suffer. Disappearing is the wood-chip wallpaper brigade. Today’s modern landlord looks after their tenants who are paying good rent. Demand in all areas of the City remains strong.
Unfurnished remains the higher demand, furnished being reserved mainly for students or top-end executive lets. Today’s tenant knows that though they may never own or want to own their own property, they still demand the comfort and security of their own home whilst paying rent enabling them to remain mobile, should the demands of their work necessitate moving elsewhere. Decor
Clean properties with good décor and modern appliances and an efficient heating system are the order of the day and more and more tenants are requiring showering facilities. Rents continue to be strong and have been rising just above the inflation rate over the last two or three years.
Anyone thinking of investing in property to let should know that this remains a positive and rewarding investment, but they must seek the advice of a professional letting agency before they purchase. Talking to a responsible letting agent, such as Property Plus Lettings, can save an expensive mistake.