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Lettings News: Is there such a thing as renting without risk?

In the first of a series of articles offering advice and news for local landlords, Ahmed Khalil of Khalil Properties reveals that it is possible to rent without risk.

Imagine owning a property that continues to pay you rent even when it is empty. Imagine enjoying a return on your investment, without the runaround and rigmarole of the rental process. And imagine making money from your flat or home without the malarkey and machinations of everyday maintenance.

Just imagine! It sounds good, doesn’t it?
The funny thing is that you don’t actually need to imagine it; you already own such a property, you just haven’t realised it yet.  Here’s how you can.

Khalil’s Guaranteed Rent Scheme
This simple scheme takes the insecurity, hassle and commitments out of renting, and it’s so easy to set up.

We lease your property for 3–5 years. During that time we will guarantee you rent every month regardless of whether your property has tenants or not. We take care of day to day maintenance and tenant relationships. In fact, all you need do is take care of the money that comes in each month.

At the end of the lease we return your property to you in the same condition as we received it. Or we could just rinse and repeat, allowing you to carry on renting your property without risk for another five years. The scheme is open

to all, and who wouldn’t want to be a landlord without the worry and uncertainty?
It’s perfect for overseas landlords who can’t possibly maintain a local presence, first-time landlords looking for return without having to learn the ropes, busy landlords looking for an easier letting life and retiring landlords looking to take their foot off the pedal.

It’s perfect for you too
So, if you have ever wondered whether there can be rent without risk, why not give us a call to find out just how easy it is to realise?

Not many things in life are guaranteed, but your rental income certainly can be.

For more information about achieving rent without risk, or to discuss other rental opportunities around Brighton, call Ahmed Khalil on 01273 573690, visit Khalil Properties at 124 Lewes Road, Brighton, or find us online at