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Lettings News: The true cost of online letting agents

Ahmed Khalil of Khalil Properties wonders whether there is a price to pay for landlords choosing online letting agents.
What is the value of service?
With around 9 out of 10 home hunters kick starting their search online, it makes sense to
advertise your property to let on the web. But does this mean that one of the new breed of online letting agents is best for you, or are you better off with the fuller service offered by the high street alternative?

The money you may save with online agents has to be valued against the drop in service
you receive. Your property will be advertised but it is you that liaises with tenants,
arranges viewings and deals with all ongoing aspects of the management of your property.

You will be very much on your own; it will be your responsibility to keep up with the
changing laws and requirements and the onus will be on you to deal with all problems that arise.

Time is money
Many landlords would rather be looking out for new investment opportunities than dealing
with the burdens of maintaining their current ones. If this sounds like you, then you lose
rather than save when you let online.

Need a helping hand?
If you are a new landlord you also lose: gone is the advice, the security and the support
that you often desperately need as you negotiate the intricacies of letting a property.

Looking for more service?
Let’s be frank – online letting agents may offer the perfect solution for landlords who are
willing and able to devote some time and effort to finding and keeping perfect tenants.
However, this is far from the majority, who quite simply have better things to do with
their time.

The competition online agents have brought with them, however, is great for landlords.

At Khalil’s we have developed more service options, rather than less, in response. Our Guaranteed Rent scheme will lease your property from you and pay you rent every month, regardless of whether the property is occupied. We handle daily maintenance, find
tenants and manage the relationship. You just sit back, knowing your money is coming in
and your investment is in safe hands.

Come in and talk to us about it in our high street office.

Important legal update for landlords
Discussions are underway about a possible change to the requirements for gas safety
checks. Currently, checks must be conducted within 12 months, so many landlords book
them in early to avoid penalties. The good news is that discussions are underway to allow your safety record to be dated from the expiry date of the old one rather than the date
the new check was made. Let’s hope common sense prevails and this is introduced just as
it is for MOTs.

For more information about local renting conditions, or to discuss current rental
opportunities, call Ahmed Khalil on 01273 573960, visit Khalil Properties at 124 Lewes Road, Brighton, or find us online at www.khalilproperties.co.uk