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Banish DIY disasters with a brand new home

A Barratt survey revealed high levels of DIY disasters among the region’s home owners, something the housebuilder says can be avoided if you buy a brand new home.

Rob Allen, Sales Director of David Wilson Homes Southern, said while many homeowners enjoy stamping their own personal style on their new houses, more ambitious DIY projects on older homes can prove disastrous.

He highlighted that one of the many plus sides of moving into a new home is that you can still make it your own, but without undertaking expensive, time-consuming and potentially dangerous renovations, as you will be moving into a perfectly prepared home.

“People can still have the chance to choose their flooring, lighting or kitchen for example, but have none of the hassle involved in fitting,’’ he added.


In addition, the five star housebuilder also offers an exclusive five year warranty covering almost everything it fits as standard, so owners can relax, with no unexpected repair bills to pay for up to five years.

Rob Allen added that Barratt’s five year warranty comes with 24 hour, 365 days-a-year emergency cover, so in the unlikely event that something does go wrong, buyers will have trained professionals to deal with it so that they don’t have to face a DIY disaster.

The Barratt research, conducted by One Poll, exposed a range of DIY disasters from collapsed ceilings, flooded bathrooms and toxic spills, resulting in a list of personal injuries caused by drills, screwdrivers and chisels.

And recent research from Co-op Home Insurance revealed that a third of homeowners are injured while doing jobs around the home.

David Wilson Homes is currently offering a range of new homes in Berkshire, Essex, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire. Their ‘Montague Park’ development In Wokingham has been accredited with the Built For Life award.

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