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Property News: Dynamic Spaces: Not so hot property

Dynamic Spaces

Even though the property market is active and most properties are selling within days, why is it that even in prime locations some properties just don’t sell? Sometimes there are really good reasons for them having no takers – curb appeal is vital, obviously, as is the right price, but sometimes the true reason for a property not selling is less tangible.

The answer could be due to the energy of the property, and this is where an understanding of Feng Shui can be the solution. Properties that don’t sell as well as they are expected to always have problems with their Feng Shui that hold up the sale.

There are some fairly basic ‘bad’ Feng Shui issues that can slow things down before you even get buyers into the building, for example can you see the front door from the street? If the front door of the property isn’t visible, maybe it’s at the side of the house, and if there is no obvious way for people to get in then how can they make you an offer? In Feng Shui the front door is the mouth of the building and it draws in money, luck and opportunities. It makes sense to make it as easy as possible, whether you are selling your home or staying there.

The solution isn’t rocket science, either – you need to make sure that there is a path that leads from the street to the front door, and then doesn’t lead past the door.

Properties that are hard to find because they are tucked behind other buildings often take longer to sell too – the harder it is to find your property the harder it is for the good energy to reach you. A less dramatic but equally important issue is making sure that your house number is visible. The number needs to be above eye height, too – people value things more if they look up to them.

Also, if you can see right through the property from the front door to the back garden you are unlikely to get as good a price as you expect, as the property can’t hold on to energy. It flows straight through from front to back, without benefitting you. This sort of house makes it hard to save money too.

I was recently with a client in Norway who wanted help selling her stunning modern home. No expense had been spared in designing a fabulous property, and on the surface it had everything – a stunning view of the fjords, a really high spec and stylish interior. However the front door was tucked away at the far side of the house, away from the driveway, and much of the energy flowed right past the house so she wasn’t getting a buyer. In addition, as soon as you entered the house the energy went straight out of the windows, so that when she did get an offer it wasn’t enough to enable her to sell. Obviously you can’t always create a new entrance to solve the situation, but it can be made easier, and with some simple but creative solutions we were able to improve matters.

Interestingly they also had a retro dentist’s chair in their entrance hall – I don’t know many people who would be convinced to buy the home of their dreams by memories of trips to the dentist! It is really important to think about the first impressions you are giving when you are inviting people to buy your property.

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