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Property News: Mould? Don't paint over the problem

The NHS, the Department of Health and the World Health Organisation all regard exposure to excessive mould as a threat to health. That’s why the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) has classified mould as a Category 1 health hazard. Living with mould can have a detrimental effect on the health, which is why mould problems should be dealt with quickly and effectively. 

Paint isn’t your solution: As tempting as it may be, heading for the mouldy wall with a bucket of paint and a brush at hand isn’t going to solve the problem. In actual fact, painting over existing mould won’t kill it. Painting over the mould is simply a waste of time and money, as mould 

will continue to grow, resulting in the continuous dispersion of mould spores. Even the thickest coats of paint won’t mask your mould trouble. Unless you invest in a proper and professional mould removal procedure, the mould will just continue to grow.

Out with the mould! MOULD SOLUTIONS specialise in mould removal, prevention and ventilation solutions. They can identify the cause, treat the mould and give you advice on how to keep you homes healthy and mould free.

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