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Property News:When condensation & mould suddenly occur

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With cooler weather on the way, waking up to streaming windows can be a familiar sight for many people – this is usually the first sign of a condensation problem. Over time, other signs such as damp patches on walls and mould might start to appear. These can be accompanied by musty smells, damage to fabrics, and can even affect your health.

Fighting condensation can seem like a continuous battle, especially over the winter months. Homes are prone to condensation during this time as there is a great temperature difference between the warm interior of your home and the cooler outdoors. Cold weather usually tempts homeowners to conserve as much heat as possible in order to stay warm, which means that the warm moist air circulating around your home has no way of getting out. Due to poor ventilation, condensation will begin to form on surfaces that are below the dew point of the surrounding air and many properties will suffer from mould growth.

Mould appears as pinpoint black spots, usually on the side surfaces of internal walls, window sills and corners and in poorly ventilated spaces.

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