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Record Collector: Auction department that really do hold the sales record!


Despite an article suggesting auction records were recently broken by the sale of a single property in Hove for the amount of £2,100,000, Parsons Son & Basley are very proud to be able to confirm that it is in fact themselves who are the ‘record holders’ of such a feat as during 2011, their very own auction department sold a single property in Norfolk Terrace, Brighton for the amount of £5,700,000, some £3,600,000 more than the article had suggested!

The property, which was sold to a London investment company, consisted of 106 units and comprised of 84 bedsits, 19 studios and a 2 bedroom annex within the grounds and at the time produced a yearly income of just under £635,000.

Auctioneer Simon Caplin believes this particular sale represents the highest amount any auction department in Brighton & Hove have ever achieved for a single residential investment.

“Properties such as this are very much a one off as it is not often buyers will be able to collect such a high rent each year literally under one roof,” explained Simon who thinks it will take a very special building indeed to eclipse the record price his department were able to achieve, however he says he is more than happy to accept the challenge!

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