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Sales News: Another great way to sell your home from cubitt & west

another great way to sell your home from cubitt & west

Leading local estate agents Cubitt & West have just unveiled the latest addition to their arsenal of property marketing tools – ‘Best Offers’.
Best Offers is based on the tried and tested system of sealed bids. It’s a concept that has been around for many years in the property sector, but Cubitt & West have brought it bang up to date to provide an exciting new way to ensure you get the best possible price for your home in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

How does it work? Easy! Just arrange for Cubitt & West to come and see you and your home. Their expert will consider every aspect of your property and current market conditions to come up with a guide price, and they’ll do it free of charge, with no obligations.

Sound familiar? From here on in, though, things become very different, once the guide price has been agreed. First, Cubitt & West create a comprehensive portfolio of powerful marketing materials, including high quality brochures, professional photography, an owner's interview and detailed floor plans. Next comes a highly intensive, four-week marketing ‘blitz’, during which the property is presented to the widest possible audience using all of the UK’s biggest and most popular property websites, including Rightmove, Zoopla and PrimeLocation, as well as Cubitt & West’s own unique database of registered buyers.

Buyers are then invited to view and submit sealed bids, containing both the absolute maximum price they are willing to pay and full details of their financial position, by a given closing date and time. Bids can only be submitted by post or by hand, using the correct sealed envelopes as supplied by Cubitt & West. All the bids are then opened on the stated closing date, preferably in front of the seller, who then chooses the offer that suits them best.

Jon Lock, Senior Operations Director, says; “Unlike an auction, whereyou have the opportunity to start your bidding low, prospective buyers all have to make the very best offer they can, straight away. The result is the best possible price for our client, the seller.”

And the other side of the equation? “For buyers, the main benefit is that this process provides an absolutely level playing field for everyone. No one can steal a march on anyone else, because all the bids are opened at the same time.” And at a time when demand continues to outstrip the supply of available properties, that has got to be good for everyone, Jon adds.
The best price for sellers, and the fairest possible mechanism for buyers – all in all, Best Offers from Cubitt & West looks like the best thing since sliced bread!