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At a boring London dinner towards the end of 2013,
I won a '4 Ball' at Woburn Golf Club,” tells Bonetts managing director, Paul Bonett.
“I had no idea what that meant but was told, for golfers, it’s one of those places you’d love to play if you could afford it and were good enough...
“I couldn't play golf and am at the wrong time of my life to start a new 'hobby'. However, my mate Pete hassled me into learning; lending me a set of clubs and giving me lots of advice and support. Just over a year later, I had the requisite handicap to be allowed on that hallowed turf
(I think that's the phrase!).Golf
“In the meantime, Jim, my erstwhile cycling companion from our two India trips, had been nagging me that we need to get out again.
“Putting (oops, first golfing pun) two and two together, I came to five and, wanting to raise money for a brilliant Brighton-based homeless charity, the First Base Day Centre, I suggested we could do the Brighton to Paris ride, which takes place on the longest day of the year, 20th June, about 130 miles; but we should preface it with a ride from the tiny 9-hole golf course on North Ronaldsay on Orkney, through Scotland and England, playing golf at a variety of courses on the way. Plus a few aikido classes I can teach too
(I am also an aikido teacher).
“We intend to leave North Ronaldsay on 1st June, to arrive in Brighton on the evening of the 17th.
“We will then play a last round at East Brighton Golf Course on 18 June, get a night’s rest, then head for Paris with the main Charity ride, leaving Brighton for Dieppe on the night ferry on the 19th.
“I have started planning the daily distances and, over the next few days, will begin to contact golf courses to try to get them on board and today I called Cotic, the makers of my Brit-built bike, and they said they will let their 'followers' know about the trip. Jim and I may even end up at their warehouse on the way down as it is located in the Peak district.
“We are hoping that at every course, we will get a bunch of golfers to play a round with us, raising money for the charity. Also, we hope cyclists will join us for parts of this trip, to hang out with us and even play golf or practice aikido too... or all three!!
“I expect to be using my Burley Flat Bed trailer to carry the clubs, not a full set, and a tent too so have posted a pic of the bike and trailer outside our front door.
“So... lots to do and I'd better 'shake a leg'.”