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The Landlady: Rain, rain, go away ...

I am not normally the sort of person to let the weather get me down, but I find myself drowning in a sea of monotony as the rain drums endlessly against the window. It is a Sunday, the day which tends to magnify tedium and boredom, as if watching paint dry under a microscope. It seems to have been raining for days. It HAS been raining for days. I’m reminded of those interminable Sundays of my childhood up north, where the old people would be inharmoniously and unanimously snoring away in the living room, in spite of the fact that an archaic black and white movie was crackling out of the TV at full volume.

In spite of the appalling weather, I managed a five mile run in Preston Park first thing this morning. There is something to be said for not going to the pub on a Saturday night. Where normally there are fair-weather runners, there was just me and an old man (who overtook me) in a professional running vest. I was intrigued to see a travelling woman brushing her teeth in her pyjamas in the pouring rain outside her caravan.

I dropped in for coffee and a little respite from the rain at my friend B’s house. She answered the door in her pyjamas – albeit without a toothbrush in hand – and then forgot to put the water in the coffee pot before she put it on the stove. Pretty ironic really, given that we are currently surrounded by the stuff.

By midday, I was bored and so decided to answer some letters that I was saving as a ‘Monday morning job’. The main missive was to Hastings Borough Council, who recently challenged our house for replacing a boarded-up glass front door with a UPVC one. We either have to apply for retrospective planning permission, or pay out four times more for a timber door. It is too late to slap a conservation order on something that has already been destroyed, but I will do as the council wish, with a certain degree of belligerence.

With my letter writing complete, I went to the pub to bid adieu to a colleague who’s off to India and South East Asia until March. So now I’m grumpy, belligerent and jealous … nice combination.