Interesting properties

What are interesting properties?

Wouldn’t it be great if the supermarket knew what you wanted and presented it all to you as soon as you walked in the door? That way you wouldn’t have to spend ages walking the aisles! I don’t know about you, but I hate food shopping…

This, in essence, is what Latest Homes is doing with your property search – we try and figure out properties that you might find interesting and we present them to you alongside your normal searching in various places around the site. The most obvious place to see this in action is on the homepage. It’s dumb at the outset, or when you first visit the site via the homepage, but try running a search, or viewing a property, or better still saving a search and coming back to the front page. Or go one step further and start saving things that really interest you, or viewing them a few times... Watch how it starts to get the measure of you, and start to turf up interesting properties.

Our magic algorithm works by taking into account properties you’ve recently viewed, your recent searches, your saved properties and more, and attempts to find similar properties for you. And it gets smarter and smarter the more you use the site.

It’s not foolproof, we might not get it right all of the time, and we’re constantly improving the algorithm, but it’s all part of Latest Homes going the extra mile. Run a few searches, and see what we can find for you.

Kind regards,

The Latest Homes Team